in fear and faith (fakeitenough) wrote,
in fear and faith

on plane tickets.

so i bought my plane tickets for the end of march last night, as previously stated. i was planning on just heading straight to vegas on the 26th, but i figured i might as well check the flights to reno for the night before.

now i was at andy's house doing this & he tends to have a lot of tabs open at the same time. so on the far left i had the vegas tab, & on the far right i had the reno tab. now the flight to reno was actually a good forty bucks cheaper, but i figured i would just take the vegas flight & miss less work etc. so i closed the reno tab & bought my tickets without paying much attention.

fast forward ten minutes to looking over my confirmation page. yea, i bought the reno tickets.

so i'll be flying into reno around 11pm on wednesday night, & i'll be floating around the west coast until the 30th. AWESOME.
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